There are many hazards employees can encounter when loading a truck or rail car. Companies can anticipate these hazards, but if you do not have the proper equipment to help avoid those issues, then they can still risk accidents on the job. Here are a few of the most common hazards when loading/unloading:

  • Falling materials that are not properly secured when moving. The materials could hit workers, damage equipment, or cause debris on the floor that can cause slips or falls when walking through it.
  • Without proper equipment that can safely move large quantities of materials, loading and unloading can be a time-consuming task.
  • As materials are moved around, they can cause dust or other contaminants to spread through the air, which can compromise the air quality

To solve these issues, we created the perfect solution: Anderson-Crane’s Salad Bar Conveyor™. This specially designed conveyer, patent pending, ensures maximum compartment fill and even product distribution while reducing dust clouds.

Its unique design swiftly and evenly distributes material across the container. To protect the operator from any dust clouds that may occur, the design allows the operator to safely control the equipment behind a transparent dust shield. Suspended above the container from a purpose-built, heavy duty hoist, the Salad Bar Conveyor™ can be quickly lowered into position to fill a trailer or railcar of almost any length. As material is being loaded, dust clouds are carefully contained while product is automatically reclaimed and returned to load-out. Additionally, when it’s time for maintenance, the conveyor can be lowered to ground level for easy access.

This uniquely designed conveyor will help protect employees and increase productivity on the shipping floor. Contact our application engineers to learn more about how the Salad Bar Conveyor™ can benefit your material handling challenges.