Bucket Elevators

      Bucket Elevators

      When designing vertical conveying systems, bucket elevators, or ‘legs’, are often selected when greater deliver rates of free-flowing materials are desired or when towering heights must be achieved. While commonly used in agriculture, Anderson-Crane’s industrial bucket elevator systems are designed to accommodate the most rugged raw materials including: sand, glass, soybeans and abrasive minerals.

      We have designed industrial bucket elevators for over 70 years utilizing heavy duty construction that transcends industry standards. Our bucket elevators are also pre-assembled to ensure proper fitment and then match-marked for ease of installation prior to shipment.

      Bucket Elevator Options:

      • Belt & pulleys or chain & sprocket type
      • Polyethylene, Nylon, FDA, Urethane, Ductile Iron, Cast Aluminum or
        Made-to-order steel cups
      • UHMW or AR lined
      • Platforms, ladders, cages
      • Valves and transitions
      • To 30,000 bph
      • Rest platforms
      • Ladders
      • Bracing
      • Double and triple-row cups
      • Clean-out doors
      • Zero speed sensor
      • Belt alignment sensor
      • Bearing temperature sensor
      • Inspection doors
      • Service platform
      • Hoist beam
      • Explosion panels
      • Aspiration ports
      • Food grade belting
      • Digger and vented cups

      If you have an industrial elevating application requiring robust design, contact the specialists at Anderson-Crane to build a bucket elevator that will outlast others to satisfy your material handling challenge.






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