Screw Feeders

Screw Feeders

Screw feeders are a special type of screw conveyor made with variable pitch flights to run completely full at inlets so that they can be controlled to precisely meter out product into weighing, batching or processing equipment. Companies making flour, cereals, pet food and other food products rely upon Anderson-Crane screw feeders to load and unload their precious meals and valuable ingredients.

Our diverse designs, configurations and options offered to the food industry

  • 304, 316 & 409 stainless steels
  • Continuous welds ground smooth and polished
  • Dairy finishes up to RA-24 smoothness
  • Quick release/detachable couplings
  • High-flow and hopper inlets
  • Live bottom, quad, twin, bi-directional and custom feeders

Anderson-Crane has decades of experience designing and making custom batching screw feeders for feed mills handling hundreds of different ingredients important to the feed industry.

Special batching feeder features:

  • Quick access covers provide access to coupling bolts even when feeders
    are under large hoppers
  • Optional Trough-Tite Screws™ provide close auger-to-trough clearance and improve product clean out which mitigates product stagnation and cross contamination
  • Optional Mass-flow auger and trough designs for large bins and even
    material draw
  • All motors come standard with 20:1 constant torque turn-down capabilities

When you have an application that could benefit from the integration of screw feeders, utilize the specialists at Anderson-Crane to swiftly design a system made to order for your product. Contact the screw feeder leader for custom batching feeders for the feed mill industry.


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