Plug Screw Conveyors

Plug Screw Conveyors

Plug screw conveyors are heavy duty conveyors used to isolate upstream equipment from challenging downstream conditions such as chemical vapors, high temperatures and pressure differentials. These unique problem-solving screw conveyors are specially designed so that the handled material forms a nominally plugged condition that creates an effective internal seal to block the transfer of pressure or gasses. As experts in the plug screw market, Anderson-Crane customizes these conveyors to our customers’ specifications and needs.

Anderson-Crane’s plug screw conveyors are built tough featuring:

  • Heavy duty inline concentric gearbox with slow speed roller chain final drive
  • Outboard roller bearings
  • Flanged gland seals on drive and end shafts
  • Optional convenient inspection and view ports to access the plug area
  • Optional Trough-Tite™ curved and hinged clean-out gate for maintenance
  • Mild steel or stainless steel construction

Anderson-Crane has been designing and manufacturing plug screw conveyors for the oil seed extraction and ethanol industries for over 45 years.

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