Our History

While Anderson-Crane didn’t invent the screw conveyor—its genius is attributed to Archimedes—we did help turn new variations into its design.

In the 1940’s Anderson-Crane began designing bucket elevator systems.

The 1950s brought Anderson-Crane into manufacturing cement handling systems to help deliver concrete to construct the US Interstate Highway System.

By the 1960’s Anderson-Crane was developing special screw conveyors with perfectly sealed drop bottom panels with our Trough-Tite™ Doors enclosure—a boon to the flour industry.

In the mid-1970’s Anderson-Crane began designing and manufacturing “plug screws” a special screw conveyor with an internal airlock to more safely process oil seed extraction. Today this conveyor design is our Trough-Tite Plug™ product.

By the 1980’s Anderson-Crane was introducing a special loading conveyor affectionately known as our Salad Bar Conveyor™. The Salad Bar Conveyor™ earned its name due to its innovative dust shield that keeps operators safe and makes dust clouds a thing of the past. The Anderson-Crane Salad Bar Conveyor™ is a novel conveyor design to swiftly and cleanly load truck trailers and railcar containers.

Anderson-Crane’s latest design is our Trough-Tite Screw™ that enables customers to operate screw conveyors more smoothly, efficiently and cleaner than ever.

Anderson-Crane has a history of partnering with industrial customers to develop innovative design and manufacturing solutions for the feed, food, pharmaceutical and bulk materials handling industries.

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