While Anderson-Crane didn’t invent the screw conveyor—its genius is attributed to Archimedes—we have been perfecting them since 1950.

Today, Anderson Crane screw conveyors, screw feeders, bucket elevators, hoppers, gates, and more are used in a variety of industries—including concrete and paving. With the 2021 paving season just around the corner, let’s talk about cement!

At Anderson-Crane, our cement conveying systems can be customized to your specific needs and application. Whatever you need to handle, such as cement, fly ash, mortar, sand, gravel, or asphalt, we can create an efficient solution for you.

The concrete process has multiple steps from start to completion. During each step it is critical for the “mix” to be correct to avoid adverse reaction after it cures and dries. The conveying process along with correctly placed hoppers and gates can help to ensure the mix is good.

Our hoppers and gates can be customized to seamlessly integrate with an existing system, or we can help design an entirely new system to meet our client’s needs.
Anderson-Crane manufactures hoppers in cone, square, and custom shapes as large as 20’ wide x 20’ high or more in mild and stainless steel. We custom build hoppers of heavy-duty construction that are suitable for industrial or food grade applications with finishes to CEMA IV.

We offer numerous options for a seamless process including:

  • Single or multiple discharge points
  • Fixed or portable stands
  • Abrasion-resistant lining
  • Vibratory assistance
  • Level monitoring
  • Airlocks
  • Slide gates & transitions
  • Screw feeder integration

Handling cement poses unique challenges due to the material’s fluid characteristics and the facilities needed. Luckily, Anderson-Crane has a long history of developing innovative design and manufacturing solutions for bulk materials handling. Give us a call today!