Living in the Midwest, especially next door to America’s Dairlyand, we at Anderson-Crane understand the importance of the dairy industry. June is National Dairy Month, and we’ve broken down some of our products to better understand how they apply to the dairy industry.

The following are used to produce milk powder, a substance used in more food than you might think! Milk powder is in baked goods, baby food, and beverages, to name a few.

Screw Conveyors
At Anderson-Crane, screw conveyors are a science. They are an economical way to transfer flowable bulk materials, such as milk powder. Great for spaces of any size, our screw conveyors have the option to be at an incline, saving you room in the manufacturing arena.

Screw Feeders
Screw feeders are a special type of screw conveyors that can be controlled to precisely meter out product into weighing, batching, or processing equipment. One notable option with screw feeders is dairy finishes up to RA-24 smoothness.
When you have an application that can benefit from the integration of screw feeders, Anderson-Crane can design a system made to order for your product.

Bucket Elevators
This is a vertical conveying system that is used when greater deliver rates of free-flowing materials are desired. We have many options to customize your bucket elevator, such as rest platforms, ladders, clean-out doors, and belt alignment sensors.

In the dairy industry, these are used for storage, funneling, and gravity feeding of milk powder. Anderson-Crane offers single or multiple discharge points, vibratory assistance, fixed or portable stands, screw feeder integration, and more. We manufacture hoppers in cone, square, and custom shapes.