For beer lovers, one of the best seasons of the year is finally here! Oktoberfest. From a multitude of local craft brewers to the giants in the industry, if you like the nutty taste of a good dark beer, you love this time of year.

Have you ever thought of the processes and machinery required to bring this tasty treat to your table? Moving malt from point A to point B is a different operation between craft breweries and large production facilities like MillerCoors Brewing Company.

In small brewing operations it’s often all about the fit and finish of the beer making machinery. From large windows looking into the brewing space to facility tours, these brewing machines need to perform and look good. Anderson-Crane’s rarely rived design and detailed fit and finish has led the way for our company to create conveyors for small brewers that fill the bill on both beauty and function.

At the other end of the spectrum, the needs of large production breweries are focused on durability, capacity, creative design, and duplication. Even though our conveyors in these plants are rarely seen by the public, you can always count on the expert attention to detail provided in our builds. Our team of engineers have created many types of conveying systems from scratch for new facilities as well as replacement elements that integrate seamlessly within existing systems. Large brewing clients across the country appreciate our designs that can be made portable to fit into systems in multiple locations in one plant or duplicatable to serve operations with multiple production facilities.

Conveyors, and the accessories associated with them, have been the mainstay of Anderson-Crane since 1944. We build to suit screw conveyors, bucket elevators, hoppers, and screw feeders to service many industries where moving bulk materials, in a variety of states, is needed. In the beer industry, malts, grains, and dry materials are most often what our systems move.

Beyond our exceptionally manufactured parts and pieces, our engineers and their creative designs are what sets Anderson-Crane apart from our competitors. When we say we build-to-suit, what we really mean is we build exactly what our clients need and we support our clients with an experienced cadre of engineers.

What We Do:

  • Customize conveyors, bucket elevators, hoppers, and more so they fit seamlessly into your existing system.
  • Build-from-scratch entire systems using multiple components to move your materials in the safest and most efficient way.
  • Serve a multitude of manufacturing plants including breweries.
  • Provide the expert technical support needed by our customers.

Enjoy the Oktoberfest season! The next time your production line needs a new piece designed or integrated into your system, think of the specialists at Anderson-Crane. We create “Conveyors Built to Deliver”. Rarely rivaled design and detailed fit and finish are just a call away. Contact us today to discover how we can help you. Prost!