Do you know who invented the screw conveyor? Archimedes. Do you know who perfects screw conveyors for industrial use? Anderson-Crane Company is a custom manufacturer of engineered bulk material handling equipment. Our 70 years of longevity is due to many things, but our ability to custom build to our client’s needs tops the list. Why should you select Anderson-Crane for your next custom project? Learn more below.

Why choose Anderson-Crane?

  • An industry leader in RFQ response times for custom applications
  • Anderson-Crane has over 7 decades of bulk material handling expertise and development of innovative, problem-solving designs
  • Customer satisfaction excellence is a way of life spanning 4 generations of family ownership and management at Anderson-Crane
  • Anderson-Crane manufactures conveying systems which exceed CEMA standards
  • Anderson-Crane deftly designs, engineers and manufactures bulk material handling systems for our industry’s most demanding applications
  • Systems from Anderson-Crane are rarely rivaled in design, detail, fit, and finish

We are Problem Solvers at Heart

By the 1960’s, Anderson-Crane’s engineers saw the need within the flour industry for perfectly sealed drop bottom panels, our engineers developed this trademark design: the Trough-Tite Doors ™–a design widely used in multiple bulk material handling processes today.

In the mid-1970’s Anderson-Crane began designing and manufacturing “plug screws” a special screw
conveyor with an internal airlock to more safely process oil seed extraction. Today this conveyor design is
our Trough-Tite Plug™ product.

By the 1980’s Anderson-Crane was introducing another trademark, our special load out conveyor—The Salad Bar Conveyor™ system. Truck and rail loading is a messy, time-consuming, and dangerous business. Our Salad Bar Conveyor™ solves those problems and more for this demanding industry. Designed to ensure maximum compartment fill and even product distribution while reducing dust clouds, The Salad Bar propelled this industry to an easier and safer way to load bulk materials.

The development of these and other advanced solutions continue today utilizing our bulk materials handling testing facility, which is fully operational and dedicated to documenting live testing of customers’ products. We can test the materials for density, flowability, bridging, compaction, degradation and actual materials handling characteristics across a multi-axis conveying system so that we may design the best possible conveying solution for your particular bulk materials handling needs.

At Anderson-Crane, screw conveyors are a science and our systems are designed to outperform and outlast. With innovative systems that exceed CEMA standards, Anderson-Crane can solve your toughest bulk material handling challenge. Contact our application engineers today to learn more.