At a time when the nation’s food supply is at a critical point, now is not the time for an unplanned breakdown in your production line.
Anderson-Crane Company has been partnering with the food industry since the 1940’s serving as the “go-to” source for custom conveying systems. Did you know we’re also your source for maintenance and replacement parts?

We recently assisted one of our clients in creating a conveyor survey and complete maintenance program to keep their part of the critical food supply chain in motion. In creating a plan like this, we work with customers to identify equipment that has become worn during use and that may be on the verge of failing.
With this client, our engineers were able to both create new and improved systems to be implemented and make the proper replacement pieces so our client would have them on-hand in the event of a break down.

In addition to identifying equipment that was in trouble, we also identified all the consumable items the client uses regularly or may need in the future. Armed with this information we then mapped the priorities, created a tip list to make replacing things simple for them, and we delivered the items in less than three weeks.

The value to our client was immense in time savings and peace of mind.

Could your company benefit from this service? Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We offer both on-site and virtual reviews.