As the new year fast approaches, people and companies alike are thinking about their plans for 2021. Expanding, streamlining production, or upgrading current systems are all reachable goals for various industries, especially those who are essential industries such as energy and food supply.

No matter what your company’s goals are for 2021, our variety of made-to-order conveyors, feeders, bucket elevators, and hoppers/gates can help you reach them.

When expanding locations, duplicating a proven process is important to get returns on your investment. At Anderson-Crane, our team of engineers will work with you to recreate your current process at a new plant. Our designs can also be made portable to fit in multiple locations in one plant or across multiple sites. Before sending them, we do a video-documented test-run of our designs to ensure they will work when they arrive, saving you and your plant time and money during the installation process.

If you are focused less on expanding and more on streamlining, upgrading aging pieces in your production line, our design team can help create exactly what you need. Anderson-Crane’s engineers will create a built-to-suit piece that seamlessly integrates into your current production line with minimal disturbance to your operation. Our durable and rarely rivaled designs and detailed fit are just part of what makes us one of the leaders in our industry.

About Us
Since 1944, Anderson Crane has been serving industries that are critical elements to keep the country running. All our products are food-grade and built to last, including:
• Our patent pending Salad Bar Conveyor™, which better controls dust clouds that can come from transporting coal and grains.
• The Trough-Tite Screw™ which enables customers to operate screw conveyors more smoothly, efficiently, and cleaner than ever to ensure tight tolerances and clearances while also keeping employees safe from debris.
• Hoppers and gates that precisely control how much product is transported into your operational system.
• Bucket elevators to help transport large quantities of bulk items such as grain, produce, and coal in a safe and reliable manor.

If you need help achieving your goals this year, contact Anderson-Crane. We have the tools to keep your plant running through expansions, upgrades, and more.